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New York, NY 10018

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    About the Team

    Happy Living Development, LLC is a privately owned real estate development company based in Brooklyn, New York. With over 600,000 square feet in residential and commercial development experience, the firm has maintained their commitment to best in class practices over the past decade. Spanning ground-up to adaptive reuse projects, the dynamic team of development professionals leverage their expertise, a multitude set of skillsets and a rigorous approach to detail in order to provide superior product to the marketplace.

    Brown Harris Development Marketing (BHSDM) is a leading sales and marketing firm dedicated to the craft of new development. BHSDM partners with a variety of celebrated developers, architects, and designers to create superior building and living experiences of the highest caliber. Having represented billions of dollars in sales over the past decade, the team brings considerable skill, insight and dedication to carving out truly unique properties that benefit residents and developers. BHSDM collaborates at every stage of the process, from site analysis to the final closing, crafting substance through the team’s ardent attention to the development process. All properties receive additional exposure through the unmatched domestic and international BHSDM Property Network.

    Of A Different Color Productions is a full-service studio specializing in design and film. Since 2015, the company has worked with high profile clients across the country to develop distinguishable and authentic visual stories with impact and purpose.

    We are a New York and Los Angeles based studio, specializing in film and design.
    Since 2015, we have created impactful brand stories through imaginative storytelling and captivating visuals.